NR Aesthetics offer Plasma Filler services for clients in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire with a professional and safe environment. Take a look through the tabs below for more information on the service and feel free to contact Nicky with any questions.

Smart Cell Plasma Filler is an advanced autologous treatment, utilising the patient’s own plasma for the stimulation and acceleration of tissue healing and regeneration.​ It is a versatile system that allows the practitioner to formulate variable consistencies to adapt to the characteristics of each application with excellent cell bio-compatibility and safety profile.

This novel autologous filler, is composed of the patient’s plasma, which is prepared from the patient’s own blood. It provides an immediate filler effect because of its gel-like consistency. Not only does the Plasma Filler improve volume loss, it safely boosts fibroblast expansion and is viewed as an effective treatment to avoid adverse reactions based on infusion-induced complications


​Smart Cell Plasma Filler offers cellular rejuvenation and can be used to:

Add volume and smooth out creases

Improve fine lines and wrinkles

Rejuvenate peri-oral area

Treat décolletage

Plump recessed scars

Enhance contours such as cheeks

Improve laxity

Treat tear troughs and dark circles

Improve tone and texture

Certain body areas

A course of 2-3 treatments are recommended, results are immediately visible. Results can last up to 12 months, depending on the skin condition, lifestyle, area and quantity of Plasma Filler injected.


Start from £195 & will vary on the area(s) to be treated for a course of 3 £545
Packages can be tailored to specific requirements

Prolong and improve results with regular i-PRF microneedling treatments a combination pacakge

Excellent safety profile

A natural alternative to Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers and other synthetic fillers

Offering clients a choice who are nervous or allergic to synthetic fillers


Stimulates fibroblasts

Increases dermal collagen and elastin

Tissue regeneration

Wound healing benefits


Powerful regenerative properties

Dissolves smoothly over time

Anyone who would like an alternative to synthetic fillers.

A course of 2-3 treatments are recommended , results are immediately visible

individuals results may vary & additional treatments may be indicated.

Plasma Filler is safe in most individuals from the age of 18 years.

However the following are not suitable for this type of treatment.

Acute & Chronic Infections
Skin disease (SLE, porphyria, allergies)
Chemotherapy treatments
severe metabolic & systemic disorders
Abnormal platelet function those conditions such as thrombocytopenia
chronic liver pathology
Anyone on blood thinning agents
underlying sepsis
Steroids within 2 weeks prior to treatment

Some of the potential side effects
Pain at injection site
Bruising & Infection
Flushing of the skin (normally short lasting)
Allergic reaction & Itching
Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
Minimal effect from the treatment

Do not rub , touch, press or manipulate the areas for at least 8 hours post procedure

Do not use any lotions or creams for at least 12 hours

Avoid vigorous exercise, sun and heat exposure for at least 2 days post treatment.

Avoid alcohol , excessive caffeine & cigarettes for 3 days post procedure.

maintain a healthy diet and drink lots of water following treatment & for the following week after.